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PeP Online

Ready for use integrations with online payment system

What we do focus on is flexibility and convenience of the  implementation process. Our offer includes a great variety of plug-ins and integrations for e-commerce platforms due to which the very process of payment implementation on your website will take only a while!

Your business will enjoy global reach

International payments

160 currencies
30+ payment methods

Whilst being offered over 30 payment methods available in the majority of countries all over the world, you may perfectly well follow the needs of your clients and demands set on the market where your operate.


The range of 160 currencies included in our offer constitutes an ocean of possibilities for your business. The payment itself is effected in the currency that is preferred by you or your client respectively, whereas the payments are credited on your account in the currency which proves most convenient to you! With no additional currency conversion tariffs and charges to be paid by the bank.

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PeP Online

Fast implementation of the online payment system

The Secure Form is considered the basic and the simplest payment method to be implemented with PeP Online. For a transparent form that is truly easy to handle, a payment may be effected in a nick of time.

The Secure Form does not require any PCI audits to be conducted. There is no need to acquire an extensive technical knowledge for it to be connected on your website. These facilitation effect has emerged following the transfer of all the operations to PeP Online.

When commencing the payment procedure, the Client is transferred to the site where the form of Polskie ePłatności Online is available. Then, after the relevant data are entered, the system connects with banks or other financial institutions whereby the transactions can be re-processed. Following the receipt of confirmation, the buyer is automatically redirected back to the shop website.


The entire payment is effected inside the Secure Form due to which the process is implemented in a quick and convenient manner.

The Secure Form is available in a few language versions and as a mobile application; this is why it is each time tailored to the needs and requirements as determined by the buyer.

try { $status = $client->getSaleInfo(array('id_sale' => $id_sale)); } catch (Exception $e) { } if ($client->isSuccess()) { if ('CLEARED' === $status['status']) { echo "Success, transaction completed, id_sale: {$id_sale}"; } } else { die("Error ID: {$status['error']['id_error']}, \n". "Error number: {$status['error']['error_number']}, \n". "Error description: {$status['error']['error_description']}"); }
bt_params = { 'sale' => { 'amount' => 19.99,begin status = client.get_sale_info({"id_sale" => id_sale}) rescue PeP Online::ClientError => e end if client.success? puts "Success, transaction completed, id_sale: #{id_sale}" if status['status'] == 'CLEARED' else puts "Error ID: #{status["error"]["id_error"]}, \n"\ "Error number: #{status["error"]["error_number"]}, \n"\ "Error description: #{status["error"]["error_description"]}" exit end
try: status = client.get_sale_info({'id_sale': id_sale}) except Exception, e: if client.is_success(): if status['status'] == 'CLEARED': print 'Success, transaction completed, id_sale: %s' % id_sale else: sys.exit('Error ID: ' + str(status["error"]["id_error"]) + '\n' \ 'Error number: ' + str(status["error"]["error_number"]) + '\n' \ 'Error description: ' + str(status["error"]["error_description"]))

PeP Online

Extensive API for those who desire something more

We do respect your time. This is why we desire that our payment system be integrated with your shop in a very fast and convenient manner.

And, this is the reason for which we have come up to the idea that developing a comprehensive API, which would be truly and intrinsically intuitive, will be a challenging but eventually a rewarding task to do and, as it will enable you to integrate any payment method and service in the manner that will be ideally tailored to your needs.

PeP Online

Convenient Development

Transparent API and Secure Forms, that also prove extremely easy to handle and use, are being continuously exclaimed to be perfect foundations for a payment system to operate in an effective and efficient manner.

Benefits for your Client

Your Client is provided with an excellent option to make payments using fast and convenient protocols.

Reliable Solutions

Our offer includes solutions that will be tailored to all types of business, no matter its scale or profile of operations!

Full Control

You are delivered a great variety of administration tools which will guarantee a full control over your payments.


Your payments will be handled at all levels. This is why apart from cutting-edge e-commerce solutions we can also handle traditional and non-standard payment methods.

We are always with you

The focal points of the services we provide include their safety and quality. Just contact us and you will feel the difference!

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