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Our goal is to create solutions that will be ideally tailored to your business model. For years we have been assisting companies to confidently sail the ocean of possibilities created by recently developed online payment solutions. Just check a greate variety of solutions that may assist your business.

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There are two ways to implement PeP payments in your e-commerce business. Depending on your needs you can choose between Secure Form and API.

try { $status = $client->cardSaleByToken($card_params); } catch (Exception $e) { // handle exceptions here } // checking transaction status example (optional): if ($client->isSuccess()) { echo "Success, id_sale: {$status['id_sale']} \n"; } else { die("Error ID: {$status['error']['id_error']}, \n". "Error number: {$status['error']['error_number']}, \n". "Error description: {$status['error']['error_description']}"); }

Integrating through API

Our advanced payment solution is API. Using our API you can integrate online payments directly on your website or in your app, but it will still be Polskie ePłatności, that’s responsible for data safety – no need to worry about PCI compliance. API is also absolutely flexible in terms of design – you can have it your way 100%. It is an excellent option for accepting online payments from clients, without a need for their redirecting to an external payment form (the payments will never be directed from your site!).

All the technical details of the API-aided integration are available at our DEVELOPER ZONE; click here and get more details!

Secure Form

Do you want to have the payment provider logo and security standards on your payment page? Secure Form is a basic payment method that allows to effect payments with PeP Online in the simplest manner ever.  It’s a ready-to-go payment solution that doesn’t require much programming. If you’re not too familiar with the work of a developer then this is a solution for you! Through a form that is transparent and, at the same time, easy to handle, your client is redirected straight to the website of Polskie ePłatności Online, where payments may be immediately effected.

The Secure Form does not require any PCI audits or certificates. It is available in four language versions and as a mobile application due to which it will always satisfy the requirements set forth by the customer.



PeP Online in practice

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PeP Online

Convenient solutions for your client

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Find out about a complete range of services offered by Polskie ePłatności:

One Click

For a One Click Option, doing the shopping through your website is becoming easier and more convenient! Shortening the payment process just to one click becomes nothing more than an extremely convenient solution that clients do appreciate, whereas a shorter shopping route directly translates into the conversion growth.


E-Wallets involve a great variety of solutions for an effective and easy transfer of funds without a need to use a card or log-into the online banking applications. The services offered by Polskie ePłatności Online include handling the e-wallet that enjoys the greatest global recognition, i.e. PayPal. It proves really convenient to use it as an option to the most popular online payment methods (i.e. cards and transfers).

Flexible Multi-Currency Payments

Multi-currency payments guarantee full flexibility in terms of currency availability that your client may use to make a relevant payment. When you commence cooperation with us, you will be provided with an excellent option to accept payments in over 160 currencies from all over the world.

Electronic Transfers and Quick Transfers

One of the most popular online payment methods offered in Poland whereby it is guaranteed that a transaction is actually effected in a simple and convenient manner. After commencing the payment process, the data are entered automatically, and what the client needs to do is only to accept the transfer through the online banking website offered by a relevant bank. A transfer is immediately credited on your account, and the buyer is immediately provided with a confirmation whereby it is certified that a transaction has been successfully effected.

Automatic Payment Optimizer

It is for the APO service that your payments are protected against unforeseen circumstances which may emerge when a transaction is processed. The effectiveness in the area of payment collection directly affects the most significant financial parameters of your business.

Simple payments made through one click

Payment links constitute an extensively developed and multifunctional method to effect e-payments when pursuing your business. It occurs extraordinarily simple to generate links which may be then attached to invoices, bills or transaction mails. All these activities may be conducted through your administration panel. Along with this link, the client is automatically directed to the completed payment form which contains all the data that are necessary to effect the payment, including the transaction value.

Global Payments

Over 30 payment methods from various global markets and over 160 currencis that you enjoy an excellent opportunity to follow the needs of your client and satisfy specific requirements set forth on the markets where you operate.

Mobile Payments

Through a mobile payment client may make payments in a convenient manner, using just a smartphone or tablet. Due to an RWD technology, a form window always automatically adjusts its frequency to every screen. For our extensive software developer kit, it is nothing but a piece of cake to embed and configure mobile payments on your website, and it really takes no longer but a while!

Recurring Payments

Thanks to recurring payments (that are also referred to as subscription payments), your clients’ cards and accounts are automatically debited with relevant amounts due, within a specific time intervals. And, what is equally important, your client does not need to remember about making a specific payment during a specific timeframe.

Mail Order / Telephone Order and Virtual Terminal

When being provided with the MO/TO service (phone/ electronic mail order), the client is offered an option to make a payment without a need to use a card. It is great payment method that allows businesses that don't necessarily sell through a website, still allow purchases via telephone or email! The Virtual Terminal is a form embedded in your Merchant Panel through which the data are collected for MO/TO transfers. A card/ mobile payment is the solution which proves to be of specific significance for the business sectors where obtaining a payment guarantee after the service is completed is a prerequisite, e.g. hotel services, car rental or mail-order shops.

Traditional Bank Transfer

Your client can effect a traditional bank transfer independently through electronic banking, or personally at a bank branch or a post office. The foregoing is considered an excellent protection in case the intended payment method is not possible to be processed by the client’s bank for technical reason, or appears not to be authorized there.

Complete range of services for card payments

The e-commerce solutions that are included in our offer embrace a full range of payment cards that are necessary to function and operate in Poland and abroad. The services provided by Polskie ePłatności Online include a complete range of options in the area of online card payments, from the most popular debit cards and credit cards branded with a MasterCard logo or a Visa logo, to the cards that are dedicated to specific European and other countries, as well as prepaid currency or payment cards.

POS Terminals

We are a company owned by Polskie ePłatności Group that is one of the largest capital groups in Poland which activities consist in the provision of non-cash payment services. And, to this extent, our offer also includes the maintenance services for all payment terminals. If, by any chance, your shop operates a fixed point of sale, the POS terminal proves to be a solution that is necessary and appropriate, so as not to risk a loss of trust on the part of the client that will be willing to do the shopping, with only a payment card in a wallet.


We are always willing to provide you with all the support and assistance! When developing PeP Online business, our main object is to provide the services which will be based upon new customer service quality standards. If you ask us a question, you will never receive an automatic return mail which will contain only standard formal statements. Each notification is reviewed and examined on an individual basis and we make all possible efforts for an issue to be fixed in a quick and professional manner.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Due to dynamic conversion of currencies online, the prices at your shop are displayed in the manner that is preferred by your client; the foregoing procedure has emerged as the best ever method of avoiding unnecessary conflicts. When combined with our offer for multi-currency and international payments, the dynamic currency conversion mechanism constitutes the powerful tool whereby you may pursue sale operations globally. You are also offered the services which involve dynamic currency conversion. Should you accept payments in a few various currencies, but your bank account is operated only in a single currency, funds will be converted and disbursed in the currency you will select.

Account Updater

Avoid unnecessary delays and accept payments in compliance with the schedule, and all these activities will be performed as just accurately thanks to Account Updater. The payer database is regularly updated and completed with additional information. And, then, our system is duly prepared for any change of data on the card of your client (or in case such card expires), and an operation is effected without any disruptions.

Card Data Storage

Minimize the steps in your purchasing process and make it easy to buy on your website. Data storage is a way for your store to offer the quickest possible way of purchasing. Your customers no longer have to fill in their personal information and credit card data every time they pay on your website. That simplifies the whole process, and it`s very comfortable for your merchants and their customers – once they`ll put the data they can forget about filling the payment forms!

Modules, plug-ins and integrations

The services offered by Polskie ePłatności Online include a convenient integration of payment system with your e-commerce platform! Our solutions are available on all online sale platforms that enjoy greatest recognition ever. The implementation process for PeP Online is always fast and convenient due to independent solutions which in fact allow for such implementation, using plug-ins that are really simple to use. Should you desire to be provided with more detailed information, just drop in to chat with our Developer Zone.

Complete Onboarding Process

A merchant is delivered with an immediate and simple onboarding procedure. If you have had your website developed and you desire to integrate a payment gate using a secure form, we are able to integrate the systems within the timeframe that will not even exceed 12 hours; and, you will benefit from a completely free of charge activation.

Just check the options that may be provided when cooperating with Pep Online

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PeP Online

Complex Business Support

Merchant panel

A modern controlling panel and developed reporting options provide for a full control for your business. You can also easily keep track of all your transactions in our Merchant Panel, manage your payments, and effortlessly export all the necessary data into your billing systems.

A full control is provided due to the functional controlling panel. The Merchant Panel is a convenient and transparent method to manage your payments. Configure your profile, generate payment links and handle reimbursements and chargebacks. The Merchant Panel mobile adjusts to the parameters in your mobile devices and this is why you may always enjoy a convenient and coherent mechanism to manage your payments .


All our clients are provided with a great range of report options that may be generated through our controlling panel. The reporting tools provide not only for an easy access to the records of your operations, but also for a complete list of relevant authorisations, chargebacks and reimbursements. All the reports may be exported to one of a few available file formats. The reports generated by our controlling Merchant Panel are based upon such principles as appropriate expertise and transparency that are always at your disposal.


A speed of response is of a key significance when building positive relations with a client and establishing a strong market position. The notification system implemented in Polskie ePłatności Online allows for a quick response at the moment of sale or return at your shop. These mechanisms are also widely recognized as the best tools to guarantee an immediate response to chargeback or reversal. Notifications provide for a full control over business and an option of active brand building through providing services of the highest quality ever. Apart from mail notifications, we also offer transaction notifications through WebService.

PeP Online

We take care of payment security

For the payment protection tools and individual approach to a client, you are guaranteed reliability, peace and security that are necessary when pursuing business activities.

Transaction descriptors describe a particular payment in order to help to identify that transaction on a bank statement. A good practice to help minimize the risk of chargeback and in turn, to save money! Provide your customers with your brand name and contact information to help them recognize their purchase, that’s all it takes to make descriptors work for your business.

In order to provide even higher convenience and maximize functionality of the solution, you are provided with two separate types of descriptors, namely:

  • Static descriptors are set for all online payments. Static descriptors come in handy for businesses that might sell products, like books or clothes, which have a name, collection, or title that might not necessarily actually mean anything to a customer. Whereas seeing the name of a store a customer has purchased from as a descriptor, makes it easy to identify the order.
  • Dynamic descriptors describe a specific product or service and can vary from one merchant to another. If your e-store sells applications or software services, this type of descriptor can be a great way to let your customers know what they bought. Usually customers know the name of an application they purchased and they will therefore recognize that name on their bank statement.

The Fraud Protection mechanism involves the PeP Online system that has been independently developed by our firm; its aim is to prevent from frauds and reduce risk resulting from transfers of funds made by the clients, that are not subject to any authorization. Irrespective of the selected integration method, the Fraud Protection security method will always protect your  business and your payments.

Due to the algorithms that have been independently developed by our firm, the collected data (which are continually collected) and hundreds of parameters that are examined for each transaction, you may stay calm and not worry about any prospective unfavourable developments.

Online payment must be comfortable and safe. As a National Financial Institution PeP Online complies with the highest standards of safety. We have acquired a PCI DSS certificate which means that we satisfy technical and procedural data security standards. We are responsible for storing any and all data concerning payment cards. All the sensitive information is collected in a secure domain of Polskie Płatności Online; this is why our clients are not obliged to undergo audits or apply for any additional certificates.

All the transactions effected through PeP Online are encoded using the SSL cryptographic protocol. We also offer a wide range of additional security mechanisms like 3-D Secure, CVC security codes and CVV codes, AVS codes and GeoIPs. All of these protect you against fraudulent transactions.

3D Secure is an additional verification method that applies to the payments made by a payment card (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode); the object of this verification method is to protect a payment card holder against its use if accessed by an unauthorized user. The very maintenance and growth of trust to e-payments is our priority.

The 3D service operates in a very simple manner. This is only a single measure when making an online payment: the client is redirected to the special sub-page of the bank’s website where an additional code is to be entered to secure the operation and authorize the transaction.

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