Compliance with PCI DSS

All the participants to the process of payment acceptance using payment cards desire to achieve a common objective being full protection of the stored data and processed transactions and reduction of risk that may result from unauthorised access to card data.

It is for the implementation of these objects that financial losses and reputation loss are prevented. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, acting as Merchants you are obliged to maintain the highest diligence standards to protect card data that have been acquired during the acceptance of card payments. The trust of our Clients and their safety are values that are most valued in business relations.

The PCI DSS guidelines (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) will be of assistance when making efforts to maintain the highest security standards. These guidelines are international standards which apply to the security of data from payment cards, that have been developed in 2004 by the biggest payment organisations, i.e. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover.

Whilst striving to ensure an appropriate level of security of the processed card data, Polskie ePłatności renew the certificate of compliance with PCI DSS. It is due to the implementation and maintenance of these standards that the cooperation established with our organisation enables the highest level of security of payment card services with the use of our POS terminals.