Seemingly small but in fact extremely useful solutions for food sector!

POS Terminals are an ideal solution where work pace is of essence. The devices take little space. Due to an excellent ergonomic feature and mobility, they prove excellent where the cashier’s counter is small. Due to an integrated solution, there is no risk of errors when transferring the data from the cashdesk to the terminal. Due to the solutions delivered by PeP, you can track sale results, generate reports, implement loyalty programmes and undertake several other activities in order to acquire new clients!

No matter whether you own a small local shop or manage a big independent chain, we are more than ready to offer a solution intended for sale points, that will be tailored to your needs.

  • Generate a more effective traffic at your sale point, using the Moje Rachunki Service!
    It will not take much time, a service will be rendered timely and it will be cheap. The bills are an alternative method to settle home liabilities at your shop.

  • DCC – a service available on the payment terminal in the currency of a foreign card; this proves to be an ideal solution when accepting guests.

  • What you should implement at your shop is to offer an option to recharge mobiles and earn on each transaction.

Remember also about advanced loyalty programs or marketing support like:

Additional Services

  • Dedicated printed information – an option to design the content which the client will read on the print-out from terminal.

Ready to make difference with a cutting edge model and a fancy design?

This terminal will do nothing but satisfy your expectations.

At a shop it is you who cares for clients to feel comfortable. We deliver an elegant terminal, Ingenico Lane 3000, being an intuitive and convenient device. Be sure that your clients and you will feel comfortable.

You want to be guaranteed simplicity of use, maintaining at the same time all the most essential services?

Ingenico DESK 3500, a fixed terminal, will satisfy all your expectations.

You can certainly use a mobile, so using this device will be of no secret to you! It proves that simple. We have combined complex functionalities and services with simple and ergonomic use; all these endeavours have been undertake to guarantee convenient application that will simplify everyday works performed by your employees.

You will not need to waste time on long trainings on the application of the sale system!
Apply this success formula today!

Apply this success formula today!


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