Moje Rachunki

Paying bills for everyday shopping.

Accept payments for household bills and get:

  1. an additional revenue from commission,
  2. a competitive advantage due to the implementation of a new service into the offer
  3. a group of new loyal clients who will be willing to pay their bills when doing daily shopping.

The Moje Rachunki Service is a convenient alternative for mail or bank that has been developed in order to facilitate and accelerate daily activities, which also include bill payments.

Provide clients with an option to pay bills for, among other things, gas, power, telephone and many other, and at the same time gain loyal recipients for a longer time.

How does it work?

A client gives a bill with a bar code or NRB and a seller reads, using code readers, a billed amount to be paid or enters this code manually. Then, the Client pays an amount due and obtains transaction confirmation in the form of receipt. The transaction is proceeded very fast and is simple. The service is available on a terminal, computer, lotto device and in integrated cash systems.

When establishing our cooperation, we deliver a full package of markings and marketing materials which contain information on the availability of services at your sale point.

The following services are offered under the Moje Rachunki Solution:

Bill payment – payments for bills using payment terminals.

Power recharge – sale of recharge of power metres at sale and commercial points.

Actual settlement – the client does not pay for forecast, but actually consumed energy.

Fast transfer – money transfer at the beneficiary’s bank account effected in fast mode.

Paysafecard – electronic payment method intended mainly to be used by online shops and based upon pre-paid system. Payments made with the use of paysafecard do not require indicating any personal data, specifically bank account or credit card data.

This product is intended for groceries, supermarkets, commercial chains, press sale points, fuel stations, Lotto points, financial service points.


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