My Bills

Pay bills with your everyday purchases

Accept payments for household bills and gain:

  1. Additional revenue from commission;
  2. A competitive advantage by adding a new service to your range;
  3. A group of new loyal customers who want to pay their bills with their daily shopping.

The My Bills service is a convenient alternative to the post office or bank, designed to make the everyday task of paying bills easier and faster.

Provide customers with the ability to pay bills for such things as: gas, electricity, telephone and more, while gaining loyal customers for the long term.

How it works.

The customer provides a bill with a barcode or NRB and, using a code reader, the merchant reads the amount of the bill to be paid or enters the code manually. The customer then pays the amount due and receives confirmation of the transaction in the form of a receipt. The transaction is instant and easy to use. The service is available on terminal, computer, lottomats and integrated cash register systems.

As part of the cooperation, we provide a full package of signage and marketing materials to announce the availability of the service at your facility.

As part of the My Bills solution, we have prepared services:

  • Bill Payment – bill payments at payment terminals.
  • Energy top-ups – selling top-ups to energy meters at retail and service outlets.
  • Actual billing – the customer does not pay for the forecast, but for the amount of energy actually consumed.
  • Quick transfer – money transfer to any account of the recipient on an expedited basis.
  • Paysafecard – an electronic payment method designed primarily for use in online stores and based on a prepaid system. Paying with Paysafecard does not require personal information, bank account details or credit card details.

The product is dedicated to grocery stores, supermarkets, retail chains, newsstands, gas stations, Lotto collectors, financial outlets.

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