Get ahead of the competition - accept payments wherever your customers are!

A large number of customers with different needs every day, but one of the most important is fast payment processing.

Professional customer service

When you’re running a transportation company and you’re constantly on the move, it’s important to give your customers the ability to make cashless payments anywhere. Reliability and speed of payment are guarantee satisfied customers. It’s worth keeping in mind that starting from car washes and diagnostic stations to service stations and car dealerships, customers who pay by card have the opportunity to purchase additional or more expensive products or services and often take advantage of this, giving your business additional profit.

Choose an offer from PeP prepared for the transportation industry 

A terminal from PeP will allow you to accept payments by all available methods. What’s more, in the Customer Zone, you will receive information about reports, invoices and other data, and their proper analysis will allow you to make further developmental business decisions.

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