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A widely understood sector related to transport requires multifunctional and mobile devices that will be appropriately adjusted, and which are ideal during everyday field activities. Our devices operate quickly, are unreliable, compact and, most of all, they are simple and intuitive in use.  For the POS Terminal delivered by PeP, you may accept payments using all the methods and in all conditions. Review your payments online, create reports and analyse them in order to make business decisions that will best suit the needs of your company. Choose complex solutions from PeP.

You pursue your business in the transport sector? Take advantage of additional benefits, using the services that will be tailored to your needs. Select complex solutions delivered by PeP.

Wybierz kompleksowe rozwiązanie od PeP.

  • MO/TO – an option to make card payments without a need to show a card and pre-authorization, being an ideal solution for car rental.

  • DCC – a service on the payment terminal in a foreign currency, being an ideal solution when accepting guests.

Remember also about advanced loyalty programmes or marketing support like:

Additional services

  • The transport industry emerges as a sector that requires specific solutions, with these solutions being actually delivered through PeP terminals and services. You drive a TAXI? Let your clients make cashless payments at a car. Adjust your business to follow their habits. You certainly do not want your clients to resign from drive due to lack of cash.

Ready to make difference with a cutting edge model and a fancy design?

A cutting edge touchscreen terminal with android will do nothing but satisfy your expectations.

At a shop it is you who cares for clients to feel comfortable. We have developed an elegant terminal with android being an intuitive and convenient device. And, a single device being a mobile management centre. Be sure that your clients and you will feel comfortable when using a 5* touchscreen.

You want to be guaranteed simplicity of use, maintaining at the same time all the most essential services?

This terminal Ingenico Move 3500 is designed for you.

You can certainly use a mobile, so using this device will be of no secret to you! It proves that simple. We have combined complex functionalities and services with simple and ergonomic use; all these endeavours have been undertake to guarantee convenient application that will simplify everyday works performed by your employees. You will not need to waste time on long trainings on the application of the sale system!
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Start now and follow this success formula!


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