And … competitors are left far behind!

The HoReCa sector is one of the most dynamically developing business sectors in Poland. This is necessary to consider that efficient, convenient and professional customer service is a basic element of building a positive image of each brand. In the HoReCa business sector, what a client usually desires to obtain is short service time, error free service as well as additional options offered by your unit.

Today POS Terminal has become necessary equipment of a modern restaurant, hotel or bar which enables to catch up with competition.

You operate in the HoReCa sector? Take advantage of additional benefits and use services tailored to your sector. Select a complex solution delivered by PeP that will be adjusted not only to all types of facilities, but also entire networks.

  • DCC – services provided using payment terminal in foreign currencies. It is an ideal solution when hosting tourists.

  • Cashback – a withdrawal of cash from payment terminal when visiting your unit in an amount to exceed even PLN 500.

Do not even forget about advanced loyalty programmes and marketing support, like:

Additional Services

  • Dedicated communique on print-out – an option to design the content which the client will read on the terminal print-out.

Ready to make difference with a cutting edge model and a fancy design?

A cutting edge touchscreen terminal with android will do nothing but satisfy your expectations.

At a shop it is you who cares for clients to feel comfortable. We have developed an elegant terminal with android being an intuitive and convenient device. And, a single device being a mobile management centre. Be sure that your clients and you will feel comfortable when using a 5* touchscreen.

You want to be guaranteed simplicity of use, maintaining at the same time all the most essential services?

This terminal Ingenico Move 3500 is designed for you.

You can certainly use a mobile, so using this device will be of no secret to you! It proves that simple. We have combined complex functionalities and services with simple and ergonomic use; all these endeavours have been undertake to guarantee convenient application that will simplify everyday works performed by your employees. You will not need to waste time on long trainings on the application of the sale system!
Apply this success formula today!

Do not waste your time!
Start now and follow this success formula!

Start now and follow this success formula!


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