Discount Coupons

Build customer relationships!

When you choose to create and give out discount coupons from a PeP terminal, you gain:

  1. Higher revenue by offering added value to customers;
  2. A loyal group of customers, encouraged by the received discount for further services;
  3. Effective brand building.

Define your own promotions and special occasions for products and services you particularly care about. Reward customers for their loyalty and encourage them to return with a coupon issued.

How it works.

The Discount Coupons application allows you to print and accept discount vouchers from the terminal. You define promotional actions yourself in the Customer Zone. Quick, easy, secure and on your own terms

Discounts and promotions are an important factor in building lasting relationships with customers. A loyal customer is extremely valuable, so decide to run promotional actions and print out discount coupons directly from the payment terminal. A customer who receives a discount coupon for further services is more likely to return and guarantee profit for you!

We offer two solutions for running promotional campaigns – “Everyday discounts” (fixed promotion) and “Everyday discounts” (multiple promotions). You define all the parameters of the promotions yourself on the Customer Zone and at any time during their duration you can modify the amount of discounts or the criteria for granting them.

  • Boost sales using temporary promotions.
  • Encourage your customers to buy again.
  • Hold promotional campaigns in advance.
  • Accept returns by issuing a coupon for a certain amount to be used on a selected date to keep cash in your business.
  • Analyze results based on detailed reports from the Coupons app, available from the Customer Zone.


A discount coupon printed on a receipt is 5 times more effective than a mailing campaign and cheaper than implementing a loyalty program or gift cards!

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