Prospective wholesale solutions

Cashless solutions are becoming more and more popular in Poland. An increasing number of sale and commercial facilities are using payment terminals. And, our clients are becoming more and more open to “cashless payments” which enter another sector of commercial activities.

A dynamic growth in electronic payments may be observed today in wholesale sector. A growing number of warehouses are operating terminals offered by Polskie ePłatności, that enable payments to be made not only based on contact technology but also based on full integration with shop register systems.

  • Take advantage of a wide range of options resulting from the integration of terminals with shop registers. And, to this extent, the main advantages include the improvement of payment process and the elimination of transaction error risk, or reporting or analysis of quantities of transactions and their values.

  • Loyalty programs – Create your loyalty program just in a sec, without any additional expenditures. Define the type, scope and criteria of a specific promotional or loyalty program through the Merchant’s Website of Polskie ePłatności.

  • Rebate cards – Distribute rebate cards among your clients. Award points for shopping in a specified amount. Take advantage of an option to exchange points into awards (e.g. value or percentage discounts).

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Additional services

  • Acquire more clients – and clients that will spend more, as they are will not need to follow any constraints in terms of cash to be expended; they may also use credit cards. Make customer service more effective due to POSPAY system that will facilitate reporting – transactions with payment cards are included in cash reports.

You want to be guaranteed simplicity of use, maintaining at the same time all the most essential services?

Ingenico DESK 3500 a fixed terminal, will satisfy all your needs.

You can certainly use a mobile, so using this device will be of no secret to you! It proves that simple. We have combined complex functionalities and services with simple and ergonomic use; all these endeavours have been undertake to guarantee convenient application that will simplify everyday works performed by your employees. You will not need to waste time on long trainings on the application of the sale system! Apply this success formula today!

You want to be guaranteed simplicity of use, maintaining at the same time all the most essential services?

A cutting edge and ergonomic terminal with a programmable pinpad is a response to all your expectations.

Your wish is that you clients feel comfortable. We have guaranteed an intuitive and easily handled device, i.e. an elegant terminal Ingenico Lane 3000. Both your clients and you deserve convenient solutions.

Don’t waste your time!
Use this success formula today!

Apply this success formula today!


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