Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program brings a number of benefits:

  1. Enhanced customer loyalty encouraging new buyers;
  2. Customers motivates to make regular purchases;
  3. A positive reputation and enhanced competitiveness.

Polskie ePłatności offers solutions that allow everyone, small or large store, restaurant or service point, to run their own loyalty program. PeP’s loyalty program means constant and free monitoring of the results of your marketing campaign plus the possibility to create personalized solutions, as well as commission the design and production of unique loyalty cards.

How it works.

With the loyalty programs offered by PeP, you can define the type, scope and categories of a specific promotional or loyalty action yourself, through a dedicated Loyalty Program Host site. You have the ability to define for yourself the list of prizes and the conditions you need to meet to receive them.

Rewards offered by the program can also be discount coupons and shopping vouchers, which are generated after a transaction, according to specific parameters, tailored to the individual needs of your business.

For the loyalty program you can distribute loyalty cards to participants, created according to your design. Their production can take place either on the PeP side or through your supplier, depending on your preferences.

At each stage of introducing the loyalty program in your establishment, you will receive technical and substantive support from a dedicated Business Supervisor.

The product is designed for the beauty industry, retail chains, grocery stores, hospitality industry, and catering.

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