Loyalty Programs

The loyalty program proves extremely beneficial as it:

  1. strengthens Clients’ loyalty and encourages new buyers
  2. motivates Clients to regularly visit your sale point
  3. creates a positive image and strengthens competitiveness

Polskie ePłatności offer solutions due to which each shop, no matter small or big, restaurant or service point, may implement its own loyalty program. The PeP Loyalty Program includes a regular and free of charge monitoring of the results of your marketing campaign. An option to create personalized solutions, order project implementation and manufacture unique loyalty cards.

How does it work?

Due to loyalty programs offered by PeP, you may define the type, scope and criteria of a specific promotional or loyalty campaign, through a dedicated site of the loyalty program organizer. You may independently determine the list of awards and conditions to be satisfied to get them.

The awards in the program may also include the rebate cards and purchase cards generated after transaction, following the specified parameters that will be adjusted to the individual needs of your business.

For the loyalty program, you may distribute loyalty cards among program participants that will be created based on your design. The manufacture process may be ordered by PeP, and through your vendor, depending on preferences.

At each stage of the implementation of the loyalty program at your point, you will be provided with technical and substantive support by a dedicated Business Account Manager.

Add the rebate coupon service and have:  

  1. a loyal group of clients that will be motivated by a rebate for another products or services
  2. effectively built brand through an option to place logo and information on the print-outs from terminal, creating at the same time an image of a modern firm
  3. higher income due to offering added value for clients.

How does it work?

We offer two solutions to launch promotional campaigns, i.e. “Rebates every day” (regular promotional campaign) and “Rebates every day” (several promotional campaigns).

  1. Regular promotional campaign – You define in the Client Zone the terms and conditions of the promotional campaign and its duration; you can also place a logo and brief description that will be printed from terminal. Each element may be modified at any time. On the following day the promotional campaign will be active on all your terminals at the same time, and you can commence to deliver coupons. What should be noticed here is the fact that only one promotional campaign may be defined for this option that will be launched in all your sale points.
  2. Several promotional campaigns – Due to this option, you may have many more options to define additional promotional campaigns. In the Client Zone you may define more than one promotional campaign that will be launched at the same time and determine more specific criteria. Then, depending on preferences, you determine its name, duration and option, i.e. whether a percentage rebate is calculated on the shopping value, coupon nominal value is fixed or determined on the spot. Apart from an option to place a logo and marketing information on print-out from terminal, you decide on the sale points where such promotional campaign is to be launched. On the following day the promotional campaign will be active on the selected terminals. It is up to you to end the pending promotional campaign, even if its original expiry date has not lapsed.

This product is dedicated to beauty sector, commercial networks, groceries, hotel sector and gastronomy.


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