Terminal integrations with online checkout and sales systems

Integrate your system with PeP Terminal!

We integrate payment terminals with online cash registers and sales systems available on the market.

Integration is all about convenient sales and payment acceptance process.

We are the leader. We cooperate with more than 70 integrators!

Benefits of integration:

  1. Protection against cashiers’ mistakes
    The transaction amount is automatically transferred to the terminal, the cashier does not need to enter it manually.
  2. Faster customer service
    Automation of the process of transferring transaction amount information between devices makes acceptance of cashless payment much faster.
  3. Additional space at the cash register
    You do not need to own a terminal with a printer. You free up additional space at the checkout and optimize printing costs.

Integrations with online cash registers

We are already ready for integrations with online cash registers. The obligation to integrate online cash registers with payment terminals comes into force on 1 January  2025, but entrepreneurs can already prepare for the legal changes and apply for integration of their cash register system with a PeP terminal. Thanks to our cooperation with PeP Authorized Partners, specialists in the cash register market, we are ready to carry out the process of integrating the terminal with online cash registers available on the market, offering the most convenient solution.

Online fiscal cash registers are stand-alone sales devices that are best suited for points of sale with a small assortment with a small number of customers.

The PeP terminal is adapted for integration with fiscal cash registers from the following companies

We guarantee the compatibility of our devices with cash registers available on the market.

Integrations with sales systems

We are constantly expanding the cooperation of our terminals with more sales systems available on the market. We implement our integration solutions on a wide scale, offering integrations also with other products such as top-ups, fleet card acceptance and many others.

A sales system is software that works with, among other things, a payment terminal and a fiscal printer. Such a solution is most often used by large retail chains, points serving a larger number of customers.

We work with the largest suppliers of sales systems:
Comarch, KASNET, PC-MARKET, CorePOS and many others.

We are constantly expanding the cooperation of our terminals with more solutions.

How does it work?

Integration, which is the connection of an online cash register or sales system. A system integrated with a PeP terminal means processing card payments through the sales system from the station. Information about the amount of the transaction is automatically transmitted to the terminal. There is no need to re-enter the payment amount manually – this is a safeguard against mistakes, saves time and is convenient for the cashier!

The service is addressed to:

grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, newspaper stores, gas stations, pharmacies and many others.

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