Integration of the terminal with sale system and shop registers

Convenience and simplification of the sale process.

Integrate the terminal with your sale systems and get:

  1. fast transaction processing
  2. protection against potential errors made by cashiers – transaction value is delivered automatically and displayed on a terminal
  3. an option of full integration of sale of goods and delivery of services, including additional services, e.g. phone recharge or bill payments in response to the market demand.

Complete integration of payment terminal with sale systems and shop registers enables efficient payment and completely eliminates errors that may be potentially made by an operator.

The PeP terminal is adjusted to the integration with ELZAB, NOVITUS and POSNET shop registers.

How does it work?

Due to the shop register system integrated with the PeP terminal, the card payments will be processed through the sale system at the level of a service position. The information about the transaction amount is transferred automatically to the terminal. A billed amount does not need to be re-entered manually which means protection against errors, time saving and convenience to the cashier!
A user has a guarantee of security and privacy, and at the same time maintains complete anonymity.

Polskie ePłatności are market leader in terms of the number of integrations between payment terminals and shop registers. PeP cooperates with the biggest providers of sale systems. The most popular software with an option of integration with terminal includes Kamsoft, KASNET, PC-MARKET, CorePOS and many others.

We have been cooperating with over 60 integrators

This service is dedicated to groceries, supermarkets, hypermarkets, press sale points, fuel stations, drugstores and many others.