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Transakcje płatnicze kartą

What are the current interchange fee rates?

The amount of the interchange fee is set by the payment organisations. Detailed information on the current interchange fee rates is published on the websites of MasterCard and VISA payment organisations.

Does the payment terminal have to be switched on all the time?

Yes, the terminal must remain switched on, even if there are no transactions, because once a day at a fixed time it performs a Day Close, as well as software and parameter updates.

Only one bill from the transaction was printed or the printed bill was destroyed?

In this case you must make a “copy” of the last transaction. Simply select the “Copy” button from the start screen and indicate the application from which the copy is needed, i.e. Payment Application, Top-ups, My Bills. It is possible to make a copy of the last transaction only.

What to do if there is a mistake in the transaction?

  • If an incorrect transaction amount has been entered, you should press the yellow button (left arrow) on the terminal before approving it (when the receipt has not yet started to print), correct the sum and return to the transaction.If an erroneous sum has been entered and then the transaction has been approved (a confirmation with an authorisation code has been printed), do not confirm the customer’s signature by pressing the NO key next to the “Signature compatible” (the transaction will be automatically cancelled).If the customer has already signed the printout and the transaction has been approved with the “Conforming Signature” key, the transaction must be deleted. In order to delete the transaction, perform a cancellation operation from the Menu on the POS terminal. Note: the cancellation will block funds on the customer’s account and entering another transaction may result in rejecting the transaction.If the customer has already left the shop and after verification with the bill it turned out that the entered amount is incorrect, contact COA to obtain instructions on how to solve the problem.

What does the 'Stop Card' message mean?

The message is a request from the bank that issued the card to stop the given card. To explain the reasons for the decision to retain the card, the cardholder should contact their bank.

The order to stop the card may be issued by phone by an employee of the PeP Merchant Service Centre or as a message on the terminal display. The merchant is obliged to explain to the cardholder that the Bank has requested the card to be stopped (the bank is formally the cardholder, not the bearer) and to complete the “Card Retention Protocol”. The stopped card and the protocol should be sent back by post to PeP’s office on the next business day at the latest. The protocol is available in the PeP Client Zone under “Downloads” or can be sent by COA to the merchant’s e-mail address given in the telephone call. Note: An exception, which allows you to waive the obligation to retain the card, is a threat to the life or health of the terminal user.

Cards withheld and sent back to PeP may be rewarded in the amount determined by the card issuer (the reward is not paid for Bank BPH cards and cards found or left by the holder).

How to deal with a stopped or found card?

For cards without a chip, cut the card between the magnetic stripe and the signature stripe so as not to damage the magnetic stripe, hologram, or embossed or printed number . For cards with a microprocessor, cut off the top right-hand corner of the card. The destroyed card should be sent back by post to PeP at the address indicated on the form, on the next working day, together with a signed protocol of card stopping completed.

What does the "Refusal" message on the terminal mean when performing a transaction?

“Refusal” is a message indicating the bank’s lack of approval to carry out the transaction. You should explain to the customer that the card issuer’s bank refused to allow the transaction to be carried out. Questions about the reason for rejecting a transaction should also be addressed to the bank of the issuer of the given payment card.

Can you split the amount to be paid into smaller amounts?

Payment organisations’ regulations do not allow the amount payable for a single good or service to be split into several card transactions of smaller value. Splitting transaction may result in the rejection of any complaints.

What should I do if the word "VOID" appears on the payment card, in the space reserved for signature?

If the word “VOID” is visible on the signature strip, it means that the card is not valid and you cannot accept payments with it. The customer must be informed about this.

Can I accept payment if the card is not signed?

If the card is unsigned, the card bearer can sign it in the presence of the seller and at the same time confirm his or her identity with a document with a photo. If the customer doesn’t want to sign the card, the seller can refuse the transaction.

In what cases can the customer be asked to present an identity document?

  • You should ask to present identity document whenever payment card is unsigned.In case of justified doubts about the verification of the card and its details, e.g. whether the cardholder is entitled to use the card, the cardholder may be asked to present a document confirming his/her identity.If the cardholder refuses to present his identity document, the execution of the transaction should (by not giving the card back to the cardholder) be suspended or, if the authorisation has already been executed, cancelled by performing a Cancellation. Then contact the PeP Merchant Service Centre for further instructions (e.g. stopping the card).

What to do if we suspect that the card is fraudulent?

As soon as possible you should contact the PeP Merchant Service Centre at (17) 859 69 69. If the customer’s behaviour seems suspicious or the merchant is concerned about his or her safety, the COA consultant should be given the password “CODE 10” at the beginning of the conversation meaning that the conversation cannot be conducted freely. The COA consultant will then ask questions to which the Acceptor will be able to answer “Yes” or “No” to instruct him how to proceed.

Can I accept payment with a card that does not contain name, but only the name of the institution?

Many institutions issue cards with printed names other than the name of the holder. With such a card you can carry out the transaction without fear.

What elements of the card should be checked during the transaction?

During the transaction, it is necessary to check: the expiry date of the card, the conformity of the signature on the card with the signature of the card holder on the confirmation (if the card is for signature), signs of possible violation. The recommendations may not apply to microprocessor cards operated with a chip reader and contactless cards.

What does the "Call COA" message appearing on the terminal mean?

If a message is displayed on the terminal during a transaction: “Call COA”, it means that the transaction requires a voice authorization from the card issuer’s bank. Therefore, you should contact the Merchant Service Centre at tel. (17) 859 69 69. The bank will ask the customer to provide personal data that will enable the customer to be identified. The bank may provide the following answers:

Accept to carry out the transaction (an employee of the Merchant Service Centre will provide the authorisation code, which should be entered manually on the terminal).

Refusal to carry out the transaction (means that the client’s bank does not agree to carry out the transaction).

Request to stop the card.

What is a POS ID number?

The POS ID number (also called TID) is a unique identification number assigned to a specific terminal, which can be found on each printout from the terminal (in the top left-hand corner at the point address). Giving this number every time you contact the COA shortens and simplifies the process of the application.

What kind of paper should I buy to get the correct quality of transaction confirmation prints?

A thermo-sensitive (thermal) paper is required.

For Ingenico terminals – roll dimensions: width 57 mm, length 15 meters,

For Verifone terminals, model Vx 510 – roll dimensions: width 57mm, length 30 meters,

For Verifone terminals, model Vx 670 – roller dimensions: width 57mm, length 15 meters.

Where can I buy paper for the terminal?

Thermal paper for the terminal can be purchased in most paper shops and office supplies. PeP does not deliver paper to Merchants.

Terminal did not print the closing of the day? How do I get a copy?

Simply select the “Copy” button from the start screen. If the terminal has automatically closed the day, then a copy of the Close of Day will be printed.

Is it necessary for the terminal to print the Close of Day Report even if there was no sale?

Yes, it is necessary and it is not possible to disable this option. This is a confirmation for the merchant that all transactions from the terminal have been settled and that the terminal is ready for operation.

What does "No connection" mean on the terminal?

It means that the terminal cannot obtain a connection with PeP billing systems. There may be several reasons for this, depending on the terminal used. The most common reasons for such a situation are failure of the GSM operator (in case of GPRS terminals) or the Internet provider (terminals with Internet interface). In case of doubts about the reason for this problem, the merchant should contact COA 17 859 69 69.

How to reboot the terminal?

The procedure for restarting the terminal depends on the type of terminal:

Verifone and Ingenico stationary terminals:

unplug the power cord from the terminal socket or the mains,

wait about 30 seconds,

Insert the power supply cable back into the terminal or mains socket.

Verifone mobile terminals:

Hold the red key (cross) on the terminal for approx. 5 seconds,

wait about 30 seconds,

press and hold the green key (enter).

Ingenico portable terminals:

remove the terminal from the power supply base,

Hold down the yellow and dot keys for about 5 seconds,

wait about 30 seconds,

press and hold the green key (enter).

In what cases should I reboot the terminal?

It should be remembered that the time of disconnection from power supply should not be shorter than 30 seconds.

Terminal restart is recommended in case when:

the terminal hangs up and does not react to any key,

the terminal has a connection problem,

the terminal didn’t make the day close.

When should I not reboot the terminal?

You should not reboot the terminal:

  • during the execution of the transaction,
  • while the device is connecting,
  • when the chip card is in the reader.

How to make a copy of the last printout?

From the Main Menu, select “Payment” and then “Copy”. The terminal will then print a copy of the last transaction.

When can we expect to receive a paper invoice from PeP?

Paper versions of invoices for Merchants who do not use electronic access to invoices and billing documents are issued by the 4th working day of each month. After this date, they are sent to an external company, which prints and sends them via the Polish Post Office. At the same time, on the 5th working day of the month, invoices in electronic version are made available through the logged-in website in the “Invoices and Statements” tab.

Where can you explain doubts related to the reports you receive?

Any doubts should be reported to the PeP Merchant Service Centre, which, for your convenience, is available 24/7  phone: (17) 859 69 69 or by e-mail at

When is the terminal rental fee charged?

The terminal lease fee is charged in the form of compensation for the accepted payment transactions on the 2nd working day of the month, but is calculated and visible in the report on the 1st working day of the month.

When does the customer receive funds in the case of return/nullify of a transaction?

The deadline for returning funds to the customer depends on the Bank issuing the card and may take several business days. Cancellations made on the same settlement day are unnoticeable by the cardholder, except for the possibility of temporary blocking of funds.

When is a transfer made for transactions and what is the settlement process like?

Funds are transferred on the second working day after the transaction to the bank account indicated in the cooperation agreement. One transfer is made for transactions from Friday to Saturday. It is a standard settlement of the merchant. It is possible to launch a paid transfer service on the next business day after the transaction is made. The terms and conditions are negotiated individually with the PeP Client Advisor.

What does "Merchant billing level" mean?

It means that for all outlets, transfers and fees are balanced and sent to a joint bank account.

What does the term "Outlet billing level" mean?

It means that within each outlet transfers and fees are balanced and can be sent to separate bank accounts.

How are transfers to Merchants described?

For the “Outlet Settlement Level” – “Settlement of card transaction <OID number> <Outlet name>”.

For the “Merchant Settlement Level” – “Settlement of card transactions <MID number> <Merchant’s name>”.

Is it possible to receive one collective invoice (rent, commission)?

No, because cooperation in the field of payment transactions is regulated by both “Payment card agreement”. (trilateral agreement – Merchant, PeP and BPH) on the basis of which a commission is calculated, as well as the “Cooperation Agreement”. (agreement – Merchant, PeP), on the basis of which monthly fees are charged (lease of terminal, logo, etc.).

How can I change my bank account number?

In order to change the number of the bank account to which the charges are transferred, log in to the PeP Client’s Zone, download the appropriate form, fill it in and sign it in accordance with the rules of representation, and then send it to You can also call the 24-hour merchant service centre, which will send the bank account change form to the address indicated, by e-mail or fax (te. 17 859 69 69)

The terminal has correctly printed out the charge confirmation. The customer entered a 14-digit top-up code and the account was not topped up. What should be done?

Due to the possibility of abuse, correctly printed (legible) top-ups are not subject to complaint in PeP. The customer should report the complaint to the GSM network operator, who must accept and consider the complaint.

A different top-up/operator denomination has been chosen than the buyer wanted. Is it possible to cancel a top-up transaction?

Special care should be taken to select the correct operator and denomination. However, in special cases where an incorrect top-up has been selected, please contact the PeP Merchant Service Centre. Please remember not to disclose the top-up code to anyone and, if a complaint is accepted, destroy it absolutely.

What to do if the top-up has not printed out or is unreadable?

If the top-up has not printed out or is unreadable (e.g. due to lack of paper or paper jamming in the POS terminal printer, etc.), immediately contact the Merchant Service Centre and prepare the following information: type of top-up (Orange, Play, Plus, etc.), date and exact time of top-up sale, top-up amount. COA will verify whether the top-up has taken place and will provide you with a unique complaint identifier, which you can use later to find out about the complaint status. Once the correction has been taken into account, the corrections are visible on daily reports at and included in top-up invoices (top-ups with a minus sign).

How much time do I have to make a complaint about the sale of a top-up phone?

You can submit a complaint for a top-up sale within 3 months from the moment of printing. However, it is recommended to report this complaint immediately so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible and the settlement corrected (if the complaint is accepted).

How to establish cooperation with PeP?

In order to establish cooperation we invite you to:

fill in the contact form on our website,

contact the Merchant Service Centre by phone or e-mail – (17) 859 69 69 or

contact via one of the Regional Offices (the list of offices can be found on our website in the “Contact” tab.

To sign the agreement, you need to prepare company registration documents, NIP, REGON. It is also necessary to have a person authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the company.

How can I expand my business (new shop, additional terminal)?

In order to extend the cooperation agreement with a new shop or a new terminal at an already operating place, we encourage you to submit a request via the “Extend cooperation” tab from the logged PeP Client Zone. You can also contact a Sales Representative or the Merchant Service Centre, which will pass the need on to the Sales Representative.

How do I get access to the website - PeP Client Zone?

Access to the logged-in PeP Client Zone is granted to any company establishing cooperation with PeP. It is enough to provide an e-mail address when signing the agreement (it may be a private address, as it is only used to send the password). The login and password to access the service are sent to the e-mail address provided. Please note: if you do not provide your e-mail address when signing the contract, or if the access password is lost, you should contact the Merchant Service Centre at any time at the following telephone number: (17) 859 69 69, which, after verification of the caller, will report an update of your e-mail address accordingly or will resend your login data.

How can I order additional services, e.g. logo service, top-up, cashback, DCC and others?

To extend cooperation agreements with additional products, e.g. logo or top-ups, please contact your Sales Representative or the Merchant Service Centre.

Is it possible to move a terminal from an old place to a new one or another (e.g. in the case of a shop liquidation)?

No, because each terminal is configured to the requirements of a specific location and this is not in accordance with the requirements of payment organisations (VISA/MasteCard). To transfer a terminal, please contact your Sales Representative or Merchant Service Centre.

Can newly hired staff operate the terminal? If not, what is the training process and how to order it?

Every employee who operates the terminal requires training in the field of terminal operation and transaction security. Therefore, the desire to train new employees should be reported to a Sales Representative or Merchant Service Centre, and the Sales Representative will arrange the training at a convenient time.

How and where can I order additional marketing materials?

Additional advertising materials, e.g. stickers for the terminal or at the cashier’s desk of a store, can be ordered by contacting the Merchant Service Centre (phone (17) 859 69 69, or a Sales Representative.

How can I change incorrect address data on the invoice?

The need to change the company’s data can be reported via the PeP Client Zone by filling in the appropriate forms available in the “Basic information” or “Downloads” tab. The notification will be sent automatically to the PeP system and changes will be made as soon as possible. An alternative method is to report the errors to the COA, which will pass on the need to do so to the Sales Representative, who may modify the changes.

Note: PeP and Bank BPH do not change data in invoices already issued. In such cases correction notes (original and copy) should be sent to BPH and PeP. The copy, after stamping, will be returned to the Merchant.

How to provide information about the change of company data?

In accordance with the agreement concluded with PeP, the Merchant is obliged to notify about the change of company data. The fact of changing the company’s data should be immediately reported to the Sales Representative or the Merchant Service Centre. In case of a change in the company’s data it is necessary to send copies of current registration documents (NIP, Regon, KRS, CEIDG entry), confirmed to be true to the original.

What information can be obtained from PeP Client Zone?

The PeP Client Zone allows:

independent management of the company’s data concerning cooperation with PeP, e.g.: viewing the company’s data, submitting instructions to modify the company’s data, downloading documents needed for cooperation, downloading transaction reports, preview of electronic images of invoices and billing documents, Preview reports of additional services, e.g. cashback, DCC, etc, downloading instructions, forms, supporting and marketing materials, defining promotion parameters if the Merchant has a loyalty program service in place, Placing the Merchant’s logo and determining marketing content on printouts confirming transactions, contact with PeP.

How long should I keep my printouts?

The merchant is obliged to store printouts from card acceptance devices or documents confirming the correctness of transactions made for 24 months. Only authorized persons may have access to these data.

How to report a terminal theft?

In case of stolen terminal, please contact the Merchant Service Centre at the phone number: (17) 659 69 69. The theft should be reported to the police and a copy of the damage report or the  discontinuance should be kept as a confirmation of the case and forwarded to the Merchant Service Centre if necessary.