Offer your Clients an option to withdraw cash when doing the shopping; and get:

  1. a higher income – as the Client needs to buy something to withdraw cash
  2. low costs of cash turnover that would be paid to secure and convoy the cash
  3. satisfied Clients that do not need lose time to search for an ATM and may use the two services at one location.

Without a need to indicate a minimum amount. No matter the shopping value, the Client may withdraw cash using a Visa card (up to PLN 300) and a Mastercard (up to PLN 500). Earn on each withdrawal. An equivalent of the cash withdrawn to the Client will be wired back to you on the same day, with the funds due for the transaction.

Ask your Client about cash withdrawal and strengthen the position of a modern entrepreneur! Attract more clients when offering additional services!

How does it work?

When paying for shopping by card, the Client may ask for a single cash withdrawal of 300 PLN, using a Visa card or up to 500 PLN with a Mastercard card. The cashier selects a sale function with withdrawal on the PeP terminal, entering the billed account and a withdrawn amount, e.g. 200 PLN. The two values are indicated on the print-out from terminal. The cashier pays the Client an amount taken from the shop register. Then, PeP repays an equivalent of the paid funds when settling the merchant’s transaction on the same day. Cashback is not charged with an additional commission on the transaction, as a commission will be charged only on the shopping value.

You do not need to remember about the service as the terminal automatically suggests an option to withdraw cash; the cash is withdrawn when requested by the Client and such option is offered. If the Client does not exercise this option, it can be omitted, and sale can be effected.

This service is dedicated to shops, supermarkets, press sale points and fuel stations.