My Tips

Gratification for good service directly at the terminal

Provide card-paying customers with the opportunity to appreciate the quality of your employees’ service and gain:

  1. More revenue for your facility;
  2. A convenient solution for customers to increase loyalty to your establishment;
  3. The reputation of a modern restaurateur.

The tipping option on the payment terminal brings in more revenue and additional profit for the entire restaurant. Customers no longer need to carry cash, as they can leave a tip when paying by card, and this comes with the convenience and with the image of a modern restaurateur.

How does it work?

A satisfied customer willing to tip employees for service is a double win. The My Tips service is designed especially for the HoReCa industry. With this feature, it is possible to add the selected tip amount to the final transaction accordingly. A convenient and simple solution to avoid the discomfort of the customer not carrying cash.

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