MO/TO Payments

The benefits of using the MO/TO Service:

  1. a guarantee of obtaining payment after the service is completed, e.g. when booking a hotel room, a car
  2. in case of a car rental, pre-authorisation constitutes security and determines liability of a driver in case of events when it is necessary for an insurance company to pay indemnity
  3. a simple method to accept payments if booking by telephone or electronic mail

What is MO/TO Service? – The Mail Order/Telephone Order (MO/TO) transactions enable to charge a card by electronic mail or telephone, without its physical presence or presence of its holder. The MO/TO Service is dedicated to sectors where the service is booked remotely. The funds are then secured in a convenient and fast manner; however, due to the lack of physical presence of the card or its holder, the MO/TO transactions are subject to a high risk of complaint.

The MO/TO Service allows for an option to make card payments on the basis of the information collected from the client during contact by telephone or electronic mail. This service is of specific significance to certain sectors, e.g. hotels or shops that provide mail order services.

What is pre-authorisation without card physical presence? – This service is dedicated to the hotel sector and car rental firms, i.e. where you, as owners, intend to block the funds on the client’s account for future payment. Hotels and car rental firms have in these circumstances guaranteed payments of funds after services are completed, i.e. in case of hotel room booking or car rental.

What is Pre-Authorisation with card physical presence?  This service is dedicated to each industry sector, enable to block funds on the client’s account for future payment. Then, the client should be present on the spot to produce the card.

The service is ideally adjusted to the sectors like car rentals, hotels or hostels.


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