DCC – Dynamic Currency Conversion

Allow your customers to pay in the currency of their card and get:

  1. Lower costs from accepting foreign card transactions;
  2. Higher earnings by accepting payments in every currency;
  3. A reputation as a modern businessman, who accepts customer payments from abroad.

The customer, at the time of the transaction, knows the exchange rate and the final amount to be paid. The payment terminal on the screen displays the exchange rate, margins, purchase amount in Polish zloty and in the currency of the cardholder. The terminal automatically recognizes the currency in which the customer is making the payment.

  • The exchange rate on the terminal is updated daily.
  • You can accept payments in as many as 34 currencies on the PeP terminal. The customer will know the value of the currency conversion – you will earn more!
  • For overseas customers, the ability to pay in their own currency is a big convenience. Holders of foreign MasterCard and Visa payment cards can take advantage of the possibility to pay in their native currency.

How does it work?

The cashier does not need to know in which country the card was issued; the terminal automatically recognizes the foreign currency and offers to use the DCC service. When accepting payment at the terminal, a screen with all the details of the DCC offer should be presented to the cardholders, so that before their decision they know the total cost of the transaction in PLN and the currency of their card. The customers themselves decide whether to pay in PLN or in the currency of their card, fully aware of the exact cost of the transaction by pressing the appropriate button. The printout from the terminal will include both amounts, the currency conversion rate and the margin – all details of the transaction are always known to the cardholder.

PeP terminals support payments in 34 of the most popular currencies

The service is aimed at hotels, gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets, border stores.

Have you made up your mind, but don’t have a terminal yet?
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