Pre-paid Recharge

Respond to your Clients’ needs

Sell recharge for mobile phones and get:

  1. an additional income from rebates on the value of each sold recharge card
  2. an increased range of services that will encourage your Clients to visit your sale point
  3. satisfied and loyal clients that are tempted by an option to buy recharge card when dropping in.

The service is provided using a convenient model which involves downloading recharge codes from the central warehouse of Polskie ePłatności

How does it work?

The cashier requests the Client to indicate the operator and a recharge amount and a preferred payment method. The user pays cash or by card for recharging a mobile. The cashier makes a relevant choice, when following the instructions displayed on the terminal. When confirming the payment acceptance, the terminal proceeds with downloading a recharge code that will be automatically printed. The Client’s print-out includes a recharge code with expiry date and a recharged amount. The transaction is simple and fast.

Recharging is possible in the form of bar codes in breakdown into operators and nominal values. Do not store recharge cards as, otherwise, you assume the risk if not eventually sold. All you need to offer the service at your sale point is displayed on the PeP payment terminal.

The Client may purchase recharges of popular mobile networks, like Orange, Plus, T-mobile and Play, and operators with fewer number of subscribers, like Virgin Mobile or Telegrosik.

This service is dedicated to groceries and multi-function shops, press sale points, fuel stations.