Pre-paid Top-ups and SIM Card Registration

Respond to customers’ needs
Sell top-ups for cell phones and:

  1. Gain additional revenue, thanks to discounts on the value of each top-up coupon sold
  2. Increase your range of services, which will encourage customers to visit your store more often.
  3. Win satisfied and loyal customers, tempted by the opportunity to purchase top-ups during a visit to your point.

The service is based on a convenient model of downloading recharge codes from the central warehouse of Polskie ePłatności,

Top-ups are available in the form of bar codes by operator and denomination. Don’t store recharge cards and don’t bear the risk in the event that they are not sold. Everything you need to offer the service at your point is on the PeP payment terminal.

Customers can purchase top-ups from popular mobile networks such as Orange, Plus, T-mobile and Play, as well as operators with fewer subscribers, such as Virgin Mobile and Telegrosik.

How it works.

The cashier asks the customer to specify the operator and recharge amount, as well as the preferred form of payment. The user pays for the phone recharge with cash or card. Following the instructions displayed on the terminal, the cashier makes the selection. Once the payment is confirmed, the terminal will proceed to retrieve the recharge code, which will be automatically printed. The printout for the customer shows the recharge code along with the expiration date and the recharge amount. The transaction is simple and instant to use.

SIM card registration – an additional incentive for your business

Offer starter kit registrations at your sales point and:

  • Gain additional revenue, thanks to commission on SIM card registration transactions made
  • Increase your range of services at your outlet
  • Win satisfied and loyal customers tempted by the opportunity to complete all the necessary paperwork for SIM launch during a visit to your point

The Anti-Terrorism Act of 10 June 2016 made it mandatory to register SIM cards with mobile operators’ systems. Each “prepaid” phone must be assigned to a user. This provides additional opportunities to earn money at outlets that have a PeP terminal that provides SIM card registration capabilities.

This service will allow you to attract more potential customers to your outlet and additionally earn a commission on the registrations made.

The service is aimed at grocery and multi-branch stores, newsstands, gas stations.

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