Moja Paczka Application

When selecting the “Moja Paczka” Service, you obtain:

  1. an increased basket due to new big group of clients that visit the sale point to collect a shipment,
  2. an increased revenue resulting from an option to pursue business activity even on Sunday,
  3. promotion of your firm in locators.

Moja Paczka in your shop!

When offering an option to accept and forward courier shipments, your shop will get additional income and will increase your competitiveness.

Send and collect shipments at your shop, using the terminal delivered by Polskie ePłatności.

Just make your terminal an additional source of income.

At your shop, you will send and collect shipments from:

Build upon competitive advantage and gain new Clients that have been beyond reach so far and that are willing to buy basic products or services when visiting your sale point.

With the Moja Paczka Service in your offer, you will be awarded a Mail Agent Status due to which you will be able expand your activities.

How does it work?

Moja Paczka is a specially designed terminal application which allows for complex handling of courier shipments. You can send and hand over shipments to the Clients and conduct shipment stock taking. You will be provided by PeP with the detailed application instruction and dedicated support, and your shop will be duly labelled for Clients to have no problem with its finding. A courier leaves a shipment at your shop, and a client collect it at a convenient time.

Join the purchase revolution and respond, together with Polskie ePłatności, to the growing courier service market in Poland.

This service is dedicated to groceries and supermarkets.


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