Moja Paczka Application

By choosing the My Package service, you gain:

  1. An increase in your purchase basket thanks to a new, larger group of customers visiting your facility to pick up a package (on average, 30% of those who pick up packages make additional purchases);
  2. Increased revenue;
  3. Promotion of your business – placement of your store on courier company maps;
  4. Market share growing y/y – 10%, handling nearly 700 million parcels per year.

My Package in your store!

Offering the possibility to receive and send courier parcels will help your store gain additional income and increase its competitiveness.

  • Send and receive parcels at your premises with the help of Polish ePayments terminal.
  • Turn your payment terminal into an additional source of revenue.
  • One contract, multiple providers – up to 4 courier companies at one point.

In your store you will send and receive packages from:

Create a competitive advantage and gain new, previously inaccessible customers who are eager to purchase your core products or services during their visit.

By offering the ability to accept and send courier shipments, you will help your store earn additional revenue and increase your competitiveness by offering more. Online store customers prefer Out Of Home Delivery due to the fact that they do not want to wait for the courier (they work, are busy or are away from home during courier hours).

Having the My Parcel service on offer will give you Postal Agent Status, which allows you to expand your business.

How does it work?

Moja Paczka is a specially designed application for a payment terminal, which allows you to provide a comprehensive service for courier shipments. With the PeP terminal, you can send and issue parcels to customers, as well as carry out parcel inventory, which greatly speeds up your work. From PeP, you will receive detailed instructions on how to use the application and dedicated support, and your store will receive a package of advertising materials to make it easier for customers to find your facility. We are based on the model of , “You can only earn”. When you sign a contract with PeP, we jointly agree on a rate for each parcel handled – no cost on your store’s side!

The courier leaves the package at your point, and the customer picks it up at a convenient time

Join the shopping revolution and together with Polish ePayments respond to the growing market of courier services in Poland. Don’t be left behind and offer a service that is attractive to customers. The convenience of sending and receiving parcels close to home is not only a satisfied customer, but also a chance to bring additional traffic to your store and increase revenue every day.

The service is aimed at grocery stores, supermarkets.

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