The Cashless Poland Program

A terminal delivered free of charge

You make decision – and we deal with all the formalities

  1. 0 PLN for 12 months – no lease costs or commissions on transaction
    All formalities handled in a clear and transparent manner for your business to grow.
  2. Up to 20% more Clients – the percentage of Clients that select only firms which accept cashless payments.
  3. Adjusted offer – the offer is presented immediately after expiry of a (12-month) grace period. Our advisor adjusts the offer to the needs and opportunities faced by your business.

The program is dedicated to entrepreneurs that  during last 12 months have not accepted payments made by credit cards at their sale points and the entrepreneurs that open new business.

How does it work?

Due to the support guaranteed by the Cashless Poland Program, an entrepreneur may be delivered up to 3 POS terminals, without any subscription fee or commission for a 12-month term. The participation in the Program and delivery of payment terminals are effected on a free of charge basis. We want to support entrepreneurs that so far did not accept cashless payments at their sale points and facilitate them access to payment terminals to be able to develop their businesses and generate even a higher income. What is Cashless Poland? – It is a common name of The Cashless Poland Program, being the project that is commonly implemented by the payment service sector, The Polish Bank Association, The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, clearing agents and payment organisations like Mastercard and Visa. The mission of the Program is to enable each business to smoothly enter the cashless payment acceptation market, without paying any fees and charges.