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Tailored offer

You will know the offer right away, after the grant period (12 months), our consultant will adjust it to the needs and possibilities of your company

Contract for 12 months

You can test whether the terminal is useful in your company.

Clear and transparent

No lease costs or transaction commissions. Clear and transparent to make your business grow.

Up to 20% more customers

As many customers choose only companies that accept cashless payments.

You will accept payment at our terminal:

Cashless Poland Program

Cashless Poland is a colloquial name of the Support Programme for Cashless Poland. It is a joint project of the payment services sector – the Polish Bank Association, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, clearing agents and Mastercard and Visa payment organizations.

The idea of the programme is to enable every entrepreneur to enter the market of accepting cashless payments without any costs or problems. Thanks to the support guaranteed by the Poland Without Cash Programme, an entrepreneur can receive up to 3 POS terminals without subscription fees and commissions, for a period of 12 months.

Who can pick up the terminal for free?

  • Has not accepted non-cash, card-based payments in the past 12 months.
  • Does not have more than 5 retail or service establishments operating under the same trademark.
  • Not franchised or affiliated with purchasing groups operating under the same trademark.
  • It is not a public administration unit, at the government or local government level, participating in the "Program for dissemination of non-cash payments in public administration units"; it is an operator of vending machines and other self-service devices (ticket machines, parking meters, ATMs, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

How long is the contract for?

Polskie ePłatności concludes the agreement for the period of 12 months, i.e. for the grant period. Knowing, that flexibility is important in running a business, we put our Partners’ good in the first place. We do not trick you with a longer period of free use of the service (e.g. 18 months), tying your hands for the next few years or imposing high penalties for the termination of the agreement.

How many terminals can I pick up in the program?

You can receive up to 3 free terminals.

What if my company already had a terminal?

If you or your Company have accepted card payments in the last 12 months or are currently accepting with another provider, please contact us by clicking here. Our Consultant will contact you and provide you with a competitive quote.

What about after the grant period?

Our Consultant will always provide you with an individual offer, tailored to your needs and possibilities.