Pay in installments

Pay in installments for your purchases

Provide the opportunity to sell products in installments and gain:

  1. Potentially higher profits from selling more expensive products;
  2. Satisfied and loyal customers;
  3. Larger shopping carts by allowing payment in several installments.

Nowadays, a customer who wants to delay payment for purchases at a stationary store can use a credit card or an installment credit. But what if this step could be skipped?

The service called Pay in Installments allows you to take advantage of financing almost immediately, without the need to complete formalities or wait for a credit decision, and at the same time allows you to spread the payment into equal installments, which is a convenient and transparent solution for the customers (who know the final cost of the purchase).

How it works.

A customer making a purchase in your establishment for more than PLN 400 gains the opportunity to use the option of splitting the payment into equal installments. The process is simple and intuitive. It boils down to entering the relevant data on the terminal and customer approval.

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