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PepPay is a mobile app!

For any device with Android 8.0 or later,
an NFC reader and internet access.

PepPay is safe and intuituve.
But how does it work exactly?

It serves as a payment terminal and accepts any method (cards, smartphones, smartwatches).

Once a payment is approved, money is deposited in your bank account.

Account. Simply, quickly, mobile!

Meet PepPay

How to start using PepPay?

Now you can use a paymant terminal on your smartphone.

PepPay installation

How to conduct a transactions?


Run the app and type in a price on
the keyboard visible on the screen.


Ask the customer to put
a card, smartphone,
or smartwatch close to the NFC
reader of your smartphone.


Every successful transaction
will appear in the payments

How to use the PepPay app?


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