Changes in the management of Polskie ePłatności

February 28, 2022 – Jarosław Mikos resigns from the position of the President of the Management Board in Polskie ePłatności. Mikos will remain in the structure of Polskie ePłatności and the Nets Group as a member of the Supervisory Board.

The main goal of Jarosław Mikos will be to support the management board and activities strengthening the position of PeP within the Nexi-Nets Group. Maciej Nowosielski was appointed the acting President of the Management Board, his appointment proves the trust and appreciation of his work so far, the results he has achieved every year, and full commitment to the continuous development and successes of PeP

Jarosław Mikos has been associated with Polskie ePłatności since 2017, when he became the company’s president. Under the leadership of Mikos, PeP has become the fastest growing company in the payment technology industry. Thanks to Mikos’ implementation of a long-term strategy of strong growth, the company developed extremely quickly, becoming the leading digital payment agent for retailers in Poland. The takeover of PeP by the Nets Group was another confirmation of Jarosław Mikos’ competence in the area of ​​managing successful companies in the financial services industry.

“I believe that PeP, being part of the Nets Group, will realize its significant potential on the dynamic Polish market. As a member of the Supervisory Board, I will continue to actively support the PeP development process within the Nexi-Nets Group. Being the element of number one company on the European market is a big thing, PeP can count on me”, says Jarosław Mikos.

Maciej Nowosielski – currently acting President of the Management Board of Polskie ePłatności S.A. has been associated with the company since May 2017 – first as a Commercial Director, and from January 2020 as Vice President for Sales. Currently, he is responsible for the commercial part and sales as the Vice President of the Management Board. During this time, PeP increased the number of terminals 7 times and EBIDTA 10 times. During his 25 years of business activity, he played key roles as a leader and manager, leading teams to success. Under the leadership of Nowosielski, PeP aims to win the first place in the field of acquirers in Poland.

“Currently, we have to deliver new products, hence the possibility of withdrawing cash from our terminal, topping up the phone or paying bills. This is all very important because we want the customer – the seller – to be able to offer so many services on one terminal to create the greatest possible value for the end consumer. We are also developing an absolutely key direction – analytics, providing support and more sales intelligence to merchants. We are growing the fastest in the Group. So we are a vehicle for growth and this is where we gain a lot of recognition from our European partners Nexi and Nets”, says Maciej Nowosielski.

Polskie ePłatności has over 200,000 terminals at points of sale and offer a wide portfolio of payment solutions, focusing on the segment of Small and Medium Enterprises, which – apart from earlier acquisitions – additionally expands and strengthens the position of the Nets Group in Poland, which is one of the most attractive geographical regions in Europe due to low penetration cards and a double-digit increase in card use resulting from the shift from cash to card payments. This development is additionally supported by state initiatives promoting electronic payment solutions in stores.

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